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31 May 2008 @ 11:01 pm
so i guess were close enough to be texting each other all the time now, and that kind of makes me really happy. this is going to work for me, right when i fucking move. oh well. i guess i'll sort all of those intricacies out later.

so mady returned out of nowhere the other day. it was pretty crazay, and its getting to be like old times. it kind of like, you know, complicates things and drags up allll these old memories that dont exactly need dragging up, but its great. i realised why i let that all happen to me, and its help me come to terms with it. she was worth it.

so today i went around p-town, job hunting. everywhere was closed by the time i got there (we were out buying a grill and stuff earlier), but i have a few places that im going to check tomorrow. most of them look pretty cool. the high school looks reallyyyyy small. ill put a picture up sometime, but its crazy.

on a side note, i've made too many mixes lately. as going away gifts and such. my burners working like a small asian kid.
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