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10 February 2009 @ 12:05 am
today was good, for some reason.  
i'm really happy about today and i don't know why.
it's certainly nice.

i spent a long time after school with ms greenberg, but i never actually asked her to write me a college rec. i don't think she will, so i'm kind of just afraid to.

i officially met dan today, because i thought he was andrew. they gave me a ride home, it was pretty fun. we almost got in two accidents in a one minute car ride.

my dad is being lazy about the phone situation, but i switched anyways. i'm back on verizon. i got the voyager, because the sales person refused to sell me the glyde. which was amazingly nice of him, considering verizon's reputation as far as customer care/service goes.

and without any finagling on my part at all, i got my lobes up to 7/16". i thought i had at least one, maybe two more days with the tape in. this is good, because my ears were starting to react poorly to this nonsense. this is my final stretch, because if i want to go any bigger, my left ear is so far off center i'd need to get something done about it. i'm pleased with this size now, though...for the time being. haha.

oh, and i laughed for maybe about an hour on and off because someone said the word teabag.
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