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13 February 2009 @ 11:26 pm
it is so cold out tonight.  
i walked from dunkin donuts back to my house at like nine pm and by the time i got home i couldnt move my fingers enough to open the door. it was so bad.

rachel and i went to her house after GSA, and we watched some movie that's really only funny if you're not intense about watching it. it was mostly jokes that were kind of funny...i guess. but everything was so cliché. it was hamlet 2, or something.

i talked to anna for a lot of GSA. why are sooo many of this year's freshman actually decent people who don't suck at all? it's really nice.

waiting in friendlies for half an hour for shairon and maddie was fun. it was worth it, though.

it keeps getting harder and harder.
white is the color of defeat.
Current Music: braile - bring me the horizon